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Upeh Island
Malaysia - Melaka

Upeh Island

Upeh Island


Pulau Upeh may only be a tiny island in Melaka, but it has interesting stories to tell. It is known as peaceful getaway, equipped with a resort and water-sport facilities that cater to both locals and tourists.

Most importantly, Pulau Upeh is one of the top nesting sites for the rare Hawksbill turtle in Malaysia. The Hawksbill turtle is one of the earth’s rare species marine turtle with a hawk-like beak and a thorny shell and can be found only at Pulau Upeh in Melaka.

Brown and lightly striped, these turtles find their ideal resting ground on the island of Upeh whereby the egg-laying season is from March to June but visitors can expect to catch sight of at least a few turtles every night throughout the year. The clean beaches here is a favorite place for swimming for the locals.

This island is a great weekend retreat in Melaka with its first class chalet at the Upeh Island Resort.

Pulau Upeh,Melaka

2.192862, 102.203137
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