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Information for South Korea - Seoul

Nowon Culture Street
Nowon Culture Street is a government created entertainment and shopping district known for its nightlife, entertainment and shopping in northeast Seoul. The district might not be t ...
Seoul Station
Seoul Station is a major railway station in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. It is the main terminal for Gyeongbu line (Seoul-Busan) KTX (Korea Train Express), Metro line 1 and 4 as well as Saemaul, ...
Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center
Gangnam Station Underground Shopping Center (강남역 지하도상가) is a mall located in Gangnam Station of Seoul Subway Line 2 consisting of all the lates ...
Seoul Plaza
Seoul Plaza is a central plaza located in front of Seoul City Hall at Taepyeongno, Jung-gu in Seoul, South Korea is a historic site where the March 1, 1919 (Samil) Independence Movement and the p ...
Seoul Central Masjid
Seoul Central Masjid (서울 중앙성원) was the first Islamic mosque in Korea. Construction of the mosque began in October 1974 on a piece of land (5,000 square meters) ...
An Jung-geun Memorial Hall
Jung-gun is one of Korea's great heroes, assassinating Ito Hirobumi during the nation's loses of sovereignty under the Japanese Imperial Rule. To commemorate his passionate patriotism, the An ...
Seoul City Wall Museum
Seoul City Wall Museum (한양도성박물관) was built in 1396. Some parts of the museum were demolished through modernization, but authority has kept its original form w ...
Seoul Metropolitan Library
Seoul Metropolitan Library (서울도서관) provides access to a wide range of documents and materials about Seou. Visitors will find diverse resources related to the city inc ...