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Must Try for Malaysia - Terengganu

Ketupat Sotong
'Ketupat Sotong’ is popular dish among the people of Terengganu. It’s a Terengganu unique traditional recipe features squids stuffed with glutinous rice cooked in thick coconut milk. A ...
Keropok Lekor
One of the famous local delicacies in Terengganu, Keropok Lekor are made up of fish, flour and other ingredients which will be rolled and made into a tube-shaped that looks like sausages. There are tw ...
Considered as one of the Terengganu food specialty, Sata is simply the most delicious snack Terengganu has to offer. Most likely considered as Terengganu best kept secret, there are two variations of ...
Rojak Kateh
‘Rojak Kateh’ is a well-known Terengganu traditional desert made from the cartilage cow’s legs. It is sliced which then cooked in vinegar and chili sauce until they are tender yet sl ...
One of the authentic Terengganu local cuisine, Laksam is a dish made using both wheat and rice flours and served with sauce. The gravy is made from fish meat which is boiled, pureed and later mixed wi ...
Asia Signature Restaurant
Asia Signature Restoran offers you a quality food at the affordable price in the town of Kuala Terengganu. Get your lunch, dinner or tea with a variety of foods ranging from main course such as Petai& ...
Satar Warung Aziz
Sata or Satar is a local traditional food fromTerengganu. It is a fish meat wrapped in banana leaf and cooked grill. The main ingredients of sata are grated coconut, sardines, ginger, onions and ...
Kedai Kopi Hai Peng
Famous with its aromatic Milk Coffee (Kopi Susu) and Nasi Dagang and charcoal toasted bread, this Kedai Kopi Hai Peng is a place to sip the local brew of coffee in the morning. Operating Hours: Open u ...