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Must Visit for Indonesia - Bandung

Puspa Iptek Sundial
In Bandung, in the city there is a sundial precisely Parahiyangan or sundial with giant size. Sundial is available in the form of vertical and horizontal.Tempat this is Exhibit Center for Science and ...
Parks Ade Irma Suryani Nasution
An area of ​​3.5 ha is in it there is ± 1,000 trees and many flower gardens, including many rare tree remains our care and preserved its existence, because it is so beneficial for ...
Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park
Trans Studio Bandung Theme Park is the second indoor theme park in Indonesia after Makassar. Trans Studio Bandung is much more spectacular and exciting than Trans Studio Makassar, but both have t ...
Gedung Sate
Gedung Sate is a neo-classical building mixed with native elements. Once the seat of the Dutch East Indies department of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, it now serves as the governor' ...
Braga Street
Stroll along the street to see striking structures that once were cafés and boutiques catered to Dutch patrons. Come early in the morning to catch freshly-baked pâtisserie from the oldest ...
Lembang Floating Market
The Lembang Floating Market is a good place away from the hectic place in Bandung. A variety of foods to try and activities you can participate to fill your evening. Getting Here: A ground arrangement ...
Cihampelas Street
Jalan Cihampelas (Cihampelas Street) is one of the famous streets in Bandung city. It is a street filled with the denim or jeans shops and the excess clothing from the factory outlets. It is also a ce ...