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Gadek Hot Spring
Malaysia - Melaka

Gadek Hot Spring


Gadek Hot Spring is a main attraction in Kg Ganum,Melaka which is located 30km from Melaka Town for 20 years. It have 2 phases where the first phase is open to the public while the other one is for spa and jacuzzi. It is located in Kampung Ganum a sub district of Gadek in the district of Alor Gajah, Melaka. Has been existence since time immemorial in the form of springs from underground sources that gave rise to mini pools. The spring has a surface temperature of 57°C while the mini pools are 47C with an average flow of 5.4L per minute.

It contains hydrogen sulphide gas and sulphur which can heal several skin diseases such as itchiness, bone pains, bone joint pains, high blood pressure and others.

There is a clean , nice restaurant, which serves various types of Malay food and playground for children to play. Several bathrooms also well built for the public. This hot spring complex operate 24 hours and around 50 to 60 visitors can enter at one time. This place has two big pools and eight small pools. You can either swim or just soak your feet in the pool to stabilized the temperature in your body. It would be an amazing experience if you try it yourself. Eventhough it is quite painful for the first time, but after a while you can feel that your joints will be loosen up.

The area surrounding the hot spring first developed in the 1980s and improved from time to time into a popular tourist attraction as well as recreational area by providing various facilities such as spa and jacuzzi.

Getting there
About 45 minutes drive from Malacca town.

Gadek Hot Spring
Jalan Gadek Air Panas
78000 Alor Gajah

2.408118, 102.238796
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