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Labuan Bird Park
Malaysia - Labuan


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Situated in Tanjung Koban, which is not far from The Chimney, is The Labuan Bird Park. It consist three large domes which is surrounded by lush green tropical rainforest with a rich bio-diverse habitat of insects, flora and fauna. With a recorded collection of 580 bird species, these birds are kept in three large geodesic domes connected via four tunnels, where the birds can roam freely in their natural settings. The bird sanctuary is home to various feathered species such as hornbills, kingfishers, sharmas, mynas, herons, peacocks so on and so forth. These birds come from various habitats that span mangrove swamps to thick rainforests to coastal jungles and highlands.

Unlike bird watching in the wild, here at the bird park, nature lovers can watch birds without the arduous treks in the jungle or towing heavy equipment. Here, visitors can simply take a slow and relaxing walk thus absorb the beauty of the flora and wonder at a large variety of tropical birds from around the region, under the same roof. 

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Getting there
It takes about 20 minutes driving from Labuan's capital,Victoria.

Birds Park
87000 Labuan
Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan

5.381145, 115.247249
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