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Labuan Duty Free Shopping
Malaysia - Labuan

Labuan Duty Free Shopping

Labuan Duty Free Shopping

Labuan Duty Free Shopping

Labuan Duty Free Shopping

Labuan Duty Free Shopping


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There are many stores around the island carry a wide range of goods, both local and imported, as Labuan is also known as Labuan Duty Free Shopping heaven.Visitors are free to shop either in a comfort of cool air-conditioned department market or sweat and seek out the smaller shops downtown. Exemptions of custom duty on imported goods include textile, leather goods, liquor, cosmetics, confectionary and so much more.

As textiles are very popular among foreign visitors and domestic tourists, many of them looking for heavy lace material and traditional wear material. Plus, ready-to-wear garments, ranging from shirts and trousers to casual wear and party frocks and jeans and t-shirts will make any shopper spoilt for choice. Bags, shoes, accessories all can be found alongside these goods. Furthermore, confectionaries such as locally-made and imported chocolates, candy and biscuits also among the main popular items being sell in Labuan. One can also found stores that sell Filipino stuffs such as handicraft, foodstuff, cosmetics and even cigarettes. Stores dealing in electric and electronic goods carry numerous brands and the choice is endless. The items range from blenders and irons, hair-dryers to kettles and microwave ovens to bigger items like television sets, air conditioners and refrigerators. Prices are reasonable and it pays to shop around for prices. Also, there are carpet shops, jewelry shops, and stores selling Indian costumes, wines, liquor, beer and cigarettes are all very cheap here in duty-free zone. Duty-free outlets also carry perfume, cosmetics, cameras, audio equipment, pens, watches and lighters as well as leather goods at attractive prices.

Visitors should be aware of comparing prices before purchasing to make sure to get the best bargains. As prices in bigger store are fixed for there can be no bargaining yet they hold regular sales and these are the best times to buy. Meanwhile, one can negotiate when shop in smaller retail outlets as they practice bargaining thus it is worth to explore the roadside stalls. The main shopping hubs are at OKK Road, Awang Besar, Lazenda Commercial Centre, and the Financial Park Building. 

Getting there
It takes about 5 minutes drive from victoria, and withing walking distance from Labuan Airport.

Labuan Sabah

5.292821, 115.248087
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