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Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex
Malaysia - Negeri Sembilan

Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex

Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex

Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex


Located about 23 km from Cape Rachado (Tanjung Tuan) lighthouse and half way between the historical town of Melaka and Port Dickson, is a little known place called Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex. Within the vicinity is the location of the oldest Malay grave as well as ancient megaliths stones. A large grave purportedly the final resting place of Sheikh Ahmad Majnun, who was believed to be killed in a battle in 1467 against the army of Sultan Mansor Shah (1457-1477). Sheikh Ahmad was then buried here in 1467 and his grave is acclaimed as a local holy place, and named Keramat Sungai Udang Sheikh Ahmad Majnun. 

Being the oldest known Muslim grave in Malaysia, Pengkalan Kempas is famous for its mysterious artifacts. One of the main attractions is the megaliths or “batu bersurat” which is located next to the grave. Also there are a group of three very mysterious carved granite monoliths, each about 2 meters high, known, because of their shapes, as the Sword, the Spoon and the Rudder. They are believed to be monuments of an unidentified pagan culture which was practiced in Malaysia before the arrival of Islam. Dubbed the Living Stones they are said to glow at night and to possess special properties. Another interesting stone in the historical complex has a cylindrical hole through it. It is too assumed to have magical properties, and acted as a "divine lie detector". Whoever is thought to have lied is forced to put his hand through the stone. He is then forced to answer questions. Untrue answers will cause the stone to tighten around that person hand until he answers truthfully.

Getting there
45 minutes drive from Seremban.

71150 Linggi
Negeri Sembilan

2.430563, 102.015347
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