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Seri Menanti Royal Museum
Malaysia - Negeri Sembilan

Seri Menanti Royal Museum

Seri Menanti Royal Museum

Seri Menanti Royal Museum


Situated in south of Kuala Pilah, east of Seremban, this former palace was built in 1908 based on Minangkabau traditional architecture, yet it remains sturdy to this day. Though often advertised as a tourist attraction, the Istana Seri Menanti might be better considered as a cultural treasure, reflecting the Malay woodworking craft. Designed entirely by two local Malay master carpenters and craftsman, the wooden building was constructed the traditional way, without using a single metal nail, and the entire four-storey building is literally held together only by mortise-and-tenon joints and hardwood dowels and rivets. 

One of the unique and noticeable features of the palace is its roof. To most foreign eyes, the steeply upturned, layered gables are strikingly peculiar, recalling the majestic sweep of a buffalo’s horns. The unusual roofline is a fairly common feature of more traditional village houses in the state and is emblematic of the local Minangkabau culture, one of the few matrilineal cultures still thriving in the world and to which about a quarter of Negeri natives belong. In addition, the unusual number of 99 pillars was intentionally chosen to represent famous warriors from the various clans in the state. More remarkable however is that the pillars are delicately and intricately carved with stylized images of flowers, holy verses from the Quran, geometric shapes and other abstract designs. The carving is noteworthy because the pillars are made of “cengal” wood, which is extremely tough to carve, easily dulling even the sharpest of blades. One can only marvel at the patience and dedication of the craftsmen who had to deal with such a difficult material. Today, the palace has been turned into a royal museum and is open to the public. Visitors can take a horse-carriage ride to tour Sri Menanti or watch demonstrations of songket weaving.

Admission : Free

Weekdays : Daily (9.30am-6pm) Friday (noon-2.50pm)
Weekends & Public Holidays : 9.30am - 6pm
Thursdays (From 1pm onwards) : Closed

Getting there
About 40 minutes drive from Seremban.

71550 Seri Menanti, Negeri Sembilan

2.697531, 102.158333
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