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Nasi Kerabu
Must Try while in Malaysia

Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu


Nasi Kerabu dish is rice, which was originally bluish color, and usually eaten with dried fish or chicken fried, crackers, budu ulam-mistress and others. Blue rice resulting from Telang flowers used in cooking. . Difficulty providing its color now, because it is provided with regular white rice or nasi kerabu yellow color cooked with turmeric.

Nasi Kerabu is very popular in the east coast states such as Kelantan and Terengganu, and now it is available throughout the country. It is often eaten with pepper Solok.

Serve the rice with the grilled fish, finely sliced garnishings, sambal belacan, budu and fish crackers

Most Parts Of Kelantan.

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