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Must Try while in South Korea





Sikhye (also spelled shikhye or shikeh; also occasionally termed dansul or gamju) is a traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, usually served as a dessert. In addition to its liquid ingredients, sikhye contains grains of cooked rice and in some cases pine nuts.

Sikhye is made by pouring malt water onto cooked rice. The malt water steeps in the rice at typically 150 degrees Fahrenheit until grains of rice appear on the surface. The liquid is then carefully poured out, leaving the rougher parts, and boiled until it gets sweet enough (no sugar added to this drink what so ever). In South Korea and in overseas Korean grocery stores, sikhye is readily available in cans or plastic bottles.[1] One of the largest South Korean producers of sikhye is the Vilac company of Busan. Atypical of most canned beverages, each can has a residue of cooked rice at the bottom.

It Is Widely Available Across The Country. In Fact,homemade Sikhye Is Often Served After A Meal In A Korean Restaurant.

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