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Besar Island
Malaysia - Melaka

Besar Island

Besar Island

Besar Island

Besar Island


Many mysteries and mysticals tragedies surrounding this island. Pulau Besar or Besar island is known as the sacred island fantasy island which is located in the state of Melaka. It is located in the Straits of Melaka, about 3 miles nautical miles from Bandar Hilir, Melaka. You can stroll around the sand beach,go for a jungle adventure,swimming, fishing and also pray at the tomb of Sultan Aarifeen.

Pulau Besar is full and sacred myths that become tourist attractions in and outside the country, especially from the descendants of Muslims in India-Malaysia, Singapore, Johor, Penang and other states. Among the vows that is efficacious to pray for children and advanced in the business. Verse amulet resembling writing Arabic will be suspended at the mamak shop door / Indian-Muslim on this.

To vow, you must read surah Yasin assembly or on the edge of the tomb. Supposedly, he would pray the prayer to Allah. Besides sacred Sultanul Aarifeen, there's more exciting places such as Lake Biawak, Rock skull, Batu Belah, Palace Bunian, Gua Yunus, Keramat Snake and many more mystical places where you can only find it in Melaka. It would be an experience not to be missed.

Getting there

25 minutes drive from the city centre.

Pulau Besar

2.111319, 102.327738
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