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Malacca Zoo
Malaysia - Melaka

Malacca Zoo

Malacca Zoo


When you travel to Melaka, you would not want to miss an adventure with the animals in the Zoo Melaka. The sprawling 54-acres zoo is home for more than 1500 animals from 200 different species. Many of these animals are classified as endangered or threatened species such as the Anteater, Sumatera Rhinoceros, Pig-Tailed Macaque and also the Wildebeest. If you bring along your children, they would enjoy the elephant and horse ride. It would only cost you RM2 per ride. There are also several animal shows such as the elephant and multi-animals shows.

These talented elephants will entertain you with magic tricks, play football and also painting. Red-feathered Macaw, Orang-Utan, White-balded Eagle and also meat-eating Vulture will also entertain you in multi-animal shows. We would suggest you to go to the Zoo Melaka at night because you can see and observe the nocturnal animals. With the use of moon-lighting technique, you will have the unique opportunity to view over 500 nocturnal animals in their naturalistics habitat.

Other facilities that Zoo Melaka have are digital photography and “free-ranging” orang utans where these orang utans are free to move around and hanging from tree to tree. It opens everyday including public holidays with entrance fee of RM7 for adult and RM4 for children for day zoo while for night zoo, adult is RM10 and RM5 for children.

Getting there
30 minutes drive from Malcca Town

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Zoo Melaka
75450 Malacca

2.276542, 102.299179
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