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Undan Island
Malaysia - Melaka

Undan Island

Undan Island


Undan Island or Pulau Undan if pronounce by native tongue, is positioned about 15 miles off the coast of Melaka. It is one of the few islands in Melaka apart from the famous Pulau Besar. There is no people resides here except for the Lighthouse operator and the Radar Tower at the island. 
Completed in 1880, the lighthouse was erected during British rule in Melaka as a beacon for ships traveling along the Strait of Melaka. While remaining in operation as of 2008, the building is now supplemented with a second, newer concrete tower that operates advanced equipment for shipping communications. 
As a small island, Pulau Undan is solely reachable by boat. Public are prohibited to enter both of the tower and its site. Yet, camping and fishing activities can be done here with the permission from the authorities. Boats can be rent either from Umbai Jetty or Klebang Beach. Even though it is small, Pulau Undan still have fascinating nature environment such as the white sand bank, corals and various kind of fish to be catch.


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1320, Klebang Besar,
75200, Melaka.

2.048542, 102.333034
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