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    The Stadhuys
    Malaysia - Melaka

    Porta De Santiago

    The Stadhuys

    Victoria Fountain

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    Located at The Stadhuys building which was built during the Dutch rule in 1645, The Historical Museum reflects the Dutch architecture. It contains exhibits on the beginning and opening of Melaka; the Portuguese, Dutch and English colonization and the Japanese invasions which eventually leading to the nation’s independence in 1957. 
    The Ethnography Museum located on the lower level of the building complex, specifically archives the life and the times of the multi-racial citizens. Amongst the more popular collection of exhibits are on wedding customs and practices, way of life and farming methods and tools used by the Melaka people. Also includes in the museum are artifacts such as antiques porcelains, weapons and many old currencies.

    This famous tourist attraction was built by a Portuguese, Duarte Coelho, who wanted to make this place a leading Catholic church. But later, the chapel was turned by the Dutch as the funeral ground for their noble dead and renamed St. Paul Church from the Portuguese “Our Lady of the Hill”. One of the main attractions here is the marble statue of Francis Xavier which was built to commemorate his internment here over four hundred years ago. Originally, the statue was completely constructed with the right arm in place. However, on the morning after the consecration ceremony, a large casuarina tree fell on it and broke off the right arm, resulted in a statue with missing arm until today. Besides the Dutch tombstones, the scene from the hill is astonishing in which one can see Melaka town and the straits of Melaka. 

    Victoria Fountain

     In front of the Stadhuys building is the Clock Tower and Victoria Fountain. This area is one of the popular spot for photography in Melaka, especially with the Clock Tower and Victoria Fountain in the centre. The fountain was built in 1904 in commemoration of Queen Victoria's 60th anniversary of coronation.


    From the top of St. Paul’s Hill, you can reach A’Famosa (Porta De Santiago) by taking the trail behind the St. Paul Church and go down. Later, you will come across an old gate at foot hill. Previously there were four gates access into the A’Famosa fortress but after the Dutch invaded, the other three gates were destroyed and only one remains till today. It is the ruin which can be seen today at Jalan Istana in Melaka and also the last surviving gift of the Old Portuguese architecture.In Melaka, A'Famosa was once a great fortress which serves as a stronghold protecting Melaka from any foreign invasions. In 1808, when the British decided to demolish this fortress, crowbars and spades were proven to be ineffective as this fortress was so strongly built that gunpowder had to be used in order to level this fortress. Sometime later, thanks to the effort of Stamford Raffles trying to preserve the fortress, the tourist can at least still look at what is left in this once great fortress. 

    Getting there

    12 minutes driving from Malacca Town.


    Perbadanan Muzium Melaka
    Kompleks Warisan Melaka, Jalan Kota,
    75000 Melaka.

    +2.194074, +102.249368
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    +60-282 6526 / 281 1289

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