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    Hand Drawn Batik
    Malaysia - Kelantan

    Hand Drawn Batik

    Hand Drawn Batik

    Hand Drawn Batik

    Hand Drawn Batik

    Hand Drawn Batik

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    Malaysian Batik is batik textile art of Malaysia, especially on the east coast of Malaysia. Kelantan Batik is very prominent with its popular motifs such as leaves and flowers and it is hand drawn. The batik starts with streaks of hot melted wax drawn using the canting on a piece of white cloth and coloring process taking place. Dewaxing is when the Batik is washed and boiled in water many times prior to the application of wax so that all traces of starches, lime, chalk and other sizing materials are removed.

    Batik and demo on making batik are available at:-

    Nordin Batik and Craft Sdn Bhd
    Lot74, Kampung Paloh, 
    Jalan Pintu Geng, 15050 Kota Bharu

    Getting there
    15 minutes by car from Kota Bharu city centre.

    Nordin Batik Sdn. Bhd.
    Lot 147, Kampung Pintu Geng, 15100, Kota Bahru, Kelantan
    Kampung Pintu Gang
    15100 Kota Bharu

    +6.101442, +102.230823
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