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    Bakmie Goreng
    Must Try while in Indonesia

    Bakmie Goreng

    Bakmie Goreng

    Bakmie Goreng

    Noodles compete with rice for carbohydrate of choice in Indonesia, ranging from broad and flat (kwetiau) to scrawny vermicelli (bihun).
    The best are bakmie -- pencil-thin and, in this case, fried with egg, meat and vegetables. Vendors add their own special spices for distinction, but the iconic Bakmie Gajah Mada garners a cult following.
    More modern outlets now make noodles from spinach and beets.

    Bakmie Gang Mangga (Jl. Kemurnian IV/0) Gives Diners An In To The Cool Hangouts In The Old City, But Only After 5 P.m. For An Earlier Version, Try Bakmie GM On Jl. Sunda No.9 (+62 021 390 3018).

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